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3-Soap Gift Set

3-Soap Gift Set

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Our customers can't get enough of our soaps! So, we know they will make the perfect gift for your loved ones. Pick 3 soaps (4.5 oz each) to be included, and we'll package them in a ribbon tied gift box at no additional cost.


Woke: Peppermint, Red Clover Flower Infusion and eucalyptus oil deliver a deep cleanse and cooling sensation that clarifies and nourishes the skin. The rosemary and lavender compliment the mints; together, they activate your senses. Don’t be afraid of the green color; it’s spirulina known for its anti-aging effects.

  • Ingredients: olive oil, shea butter*, coconut oil*, avocado oil, castor oil, spirulina, crushed peppermint leaf, crushed red clover leaf, peppermint oil*, spearmint oil*, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil.

Know Peace: Self-care manifested into a bar of soap, Know Peace simultaneously uplifts and centers your senses with the perfect balance of earthy citrus oils. Each golden bar of self-care lathers into a rich, creamy velvet that leaves the skin feeling refreshed, moisturized, and pleasantly scented.  

  • Ingredients: olive oil, shea butter*, coconut oil*, avocado oil, castor oil, ground turmeric, lemongrass oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, cedarwood oil.

Bruh: A calming blend of molasses with patchouli and cedarwood form the base of this soap. This creamy lather supports the most dry skin and inhaling the woodsy and herbaceous notes with a hint of lime, anchored by clove calms the most anxious mood. We don’t gender soap as "men’s" or "women’s" because...soap is soap. However, while this bar can be enjoyed by everyone, this scent is a favorite of (some) men, particularly as a conditioning soap for their beards.

  • Ingredients: olive oil, shea butter*, coconut oil*, avocado oil, castor oil, molasses, cedarwood oil, patchouli oil, lime oil

Black GoldThis is the blackest soap that we make—literally, and it reminds us of the Esperanza Spalding lyrics, “you are black gold with a diamond soul.” The activated charcoal detoxifies and soothes as you lather the skin, while the cedarwood, rosemary and lemon tighten and tone the skin, leaving your skin silky and seductively scented.

  • Ingredients: olive oil, shea butter*, coconut oil*, avocado oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide (none remaining in the final product), mica, rosemary oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil*, lemon oil

Unbothered: Some of us have sensitive skin, and that can make soap selection complicated. While we believe that our scented bars will work well for even those with sensitive skin (due to the all natural ingredients-- try it!), this bar will ease your mind if you're skeptical. It’s all natural and unscented, so no need to worry about irritation from the scent. 

  • Ingredients: olive oil, shea butter*, cocoa butter*, avocado oil, and  castor oil

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Customer Reviews

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Cleans without drying skin

I got the gift set and chose Woke, Bruh, and Black Gold. They all smell great, and my skin feels clean after washing without being too dried out. Definitely recommend!

Love the soaps!

Just recieved my soap gift set today. Not only was the packaging beautiful, the three soaps I ordered (Woke, Black Gold, and Bruh) has such a refreshing fragrance, and you don't have that dryness after showering. It acually moisturize your skin!