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Our Goals

PIE (Purpose In Everything LLC) is a start-up social enterprise that sells everyday products, adding purpose by ensuring that the products are made ethically, being sweatshop-free and often environmentally friendly. Additionally, we believe that education, (un)learning, and dialogue are essential to creating social change. Because of this, we also offer general diversity education consulting, and fraternity and sorority- focused diversity education, including Black Greeks for Black Lives. Through workshops, trainings, and keynotes, we facilitate spaces of challenge and learning, with the goal of building understanding. Once profitable, PIE commits to practicing social change philanthropy by donating 5% of profits toward social change work (PIE5). 

We are committed to social justice and our goal is to inspire consumers to be a part of social change in a variety of ways, including through their buying.
 Our goals are to:

  • Make steps toward social justice through social change philanthropy
  • Challenge individuals to be intentional with their buying and support businesses that are socially conscious
  • Provide consumers with products that are ethically made
  • Broaden individual’s perspective of ways to engage in social change work
  • Inspire people to think critically and creatively about how they can contribute to social change
  • Inspire businesses to engage in social change philanthropy