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Thank You, Stacey Abrams.

While the outcome of this election is still to be determined, one thing is for certain: Black Women Save the Day Every Day (shop Black Women Save the Day apparel). Stacey Abrams has proven this, again.

By now, you've likely seen Stacey Abrams' name and photos all over your timeline. Here at PIE, we join in appreciating this queen, and we want to be sure we all understand exactly what Stacey has done.

 Here is a quick excerpt that provides a summary (read full article):

 ...days after her loss in 2018, [Stacey Abrams] launched Fair Fight Action, a progressive election reform organization, aimed at protecting voting rights.

Over the past two years, Fair Fight has been working with Democratic parties and organizations across the country to increase voter registration, address obstacles to voting access and lobby for legislation to expand voting rights.

Abrams deserves "a lot of credit" because she built the infrastructure in Georgia that allowed Democrats to connect with and mobilize "a vast pool of untapped Democratic voters," Gillespie said, adding that this model has been "translated into the Democratic Party's organizational effort."

The work that Stacey Abrams has done is changing the state of Georgia, as well as other states, and could possibly be the reason the Democrats to win this election. Despite how votes were suppressed and her governor election was stolen from, Stacey Abrams still gave of herself to create the change that was needed, and now everyone will benefit; even those who actively fight for and support our oppression.

But this is nothing new. This is the relationship that has historically existed between black women and America. While we honor, appreciate, and celebrate our sister Stacey, we also demand that policies be centered that benefit black women. It's more than right and just.  

Thank you, Stacey. This country doesn't deserve you.  

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